Alternators & Starters

It’s important to have your vehicle’s electrical system inspected regularly.

Your car’s electrical system includes the alternator, starter, ignition and battery, which are all crucial to your car’s performance and, more importantly, its safety.

At Car-X Tire & Auto, we’ll check your alternator, battery, ignition and starter. If anything needs to be replaced, we will service your vehicle quickly and efficiently and offer name-brand products you can trust.

Understanding how alternators & starters work…

The alternator generates most of the electricity in your vehicle. It transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy and sends power to essential parts of your car, like the headlights, engine fan, ignition coils and various parts of the fuel injection system. It also powers non-essential yet very important parts like the radio and air conditioning system.

The starter does the opposite of the alternator. It changes electrical energy into mechanical energy and uses the electricity from the battery to start the crankshaft turn. That’s what gets your car going.

Learn more about your car’s electrical system and electrical system maintenance and repairs.

Need to have your alternator and/or starter serviced?

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