CV Shaft & Joints

The CV joint is covered by a CV joint boot, a protective flexible covering. It’s important to make sure the boot is not cracked or leaking, which can cause axle grease to leak, possibly resulting in serious damage to the CV joints.

Your Car-X Man will inspect your CV joint boot every time you have an oil change. That’s a good thing, because it’s a lot less expensive to replace a boot than a joint.

Understanding the CV Shaft & Joints…cv shaft, what is a cv joint, cv axle leaking

Constant Velocity joints (CV joints) are attached to each end of the drive shaft, connecting the axles to the wheels and transmission. They are necessary because they transfer torque at a constant speed to the wheels, as well as accommodate the up and down motions of the suspension system.

CV joints are packed with grease, which is held in place in a rubber or plastic protective cover called the CV joint boot. It’s also referred to as the drive axle boot, and is where most CV joint problems begin. If the boot becomes cracked or broken, the grease can begin to leak out while dirt and moisture begin to get in. This can make the CV joint corrode, dry out and ultimately fail.

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