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During the ConfiDrive Performance Review, our Teammates review your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule with you, point out any items of concern, and provide you a written copy of our inspection form. The 32-point checklist follows the Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards of the Automotive Maintenance Repair Association (AMRA). In keeping with AMRA’s Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) Standards of Service, we suggest maintenance and repairs based on your manufacturer’s recommendations and whether parts have failed, are scheduled for service or are near the end of useful life, or will improve performance. We provide a written estimate and help you prioritize and schedule the work according to your budget and needs.

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Did you know that Car-X Tire and Auto is a part of the Monro family of brands with over 1,300 Store locations across the United States? No matter what Store you visit, our sole mission is to take exceptional care of you and your vehicle. We will maintain your vehicle as if it were our own, and only recommend work when needed and based on Motorist Assurance Program industry standards. In addition, we will offer a clear explanation of all options and provide written estimates.

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