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4021 Smith Rd Cincinnati, OH 45209

Welcome to Car-X Tire & Auto
4021 Smith Rd Cincinnati, OH

We are here to serve all of your auto care needs.

Our fully qualified, trained and certified technicians are ready, willing, and able to properly diagnose the condition of your car or truck and provide the appropriate service, repair, or advice. Come in for a free inspection and allow us to earn your trust. We handle all your car's needs, including brakes, tires, oil changes, exhaust, batteries, inspections, and maintenance.

Not sure if you can afford the required service on your vehicle? We provide flexible financing options so that we can get you back on the road safely and affordably. We stand behind our work with our Car-X Guarantee.

Store Info

4021 Smith Rd Cincinnati, OH 45209

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We have been with Car-X Tire and Auto for 25 years. Obviously they are the best. Today, the manager A. J. Steele was absolutely very pleasant and helpful.Keep up the good work.
These guys are fantastic!! They are very informative, honest, hard working and get the job done right for a great price! My sons referred me to come to this location! I will definitely be back!KIND AND COURTEOUS :)THANK YOU AJ AND YOUR TEAM!
They're always professional and are always respectful towards me as a customer. Easy to schedule oil changes. They always check all your fluids.
I went to Car X with a 12 year old Dodge Journey with high mileage on it. I said that I wanted 2 new 50 K miles tires for the front end since it was a front-wheel drive car. I said that I could not afford over $400.00. They quoted me $398.00. They said that they needed an hour and a half. I walked to a near by restaurant. When I walked back to pick up my car. I was told that they found me a special deal that came with a new front end alignment and a tire protection Lan on the new tires and it was $10.00 lower than my original quote. I was quoted $40.00 more by other car shops. I paid the bill and went home. Since there was heavy rain, I hadn't taken the time to look at my new tires. Later after the rain. I had to go on an errand, when noticed that Car X had replaced all 4 tires. I consider myself very blessed.
They are amazing here. Definitely my new go to place for getting work done on my Infiniti G37 S.
Always do a great job & very reasonable grateful for hard working good mecanics like these guys repeat customers for sure me & me wife !!! Keep up the good work
Friendly people, service performed as expected and completed on time. Would recommend for minor tire related issues.
Service was good. The mechanics were honest that they could not do the work. Had to be taken care of by the dealership.
Always do my oil changes here they check my fluid tire pressure and advise me on any brake wear and what I should or shouldn't worry about. Tip: They do free service if your buying a used vehicle, have them look it over.
They did my oil change but had to order my tires from another location. I went home and they called me an hour later and got me done. I love this Carx
The store manager, Brandon, provided me with sound knowledge of the issues pertaining to my car. He and the entire crew were very personable.
I have always changed my own oil and am careful about over tightening, but this time the drain plug welded itself to the oil pan. After spur of the moment appt. CarX was able to loosen it and saved the rounded off plug. Also secured a loose splash panel that was causing noise. No charge for additional hassles! I was quite pleased.
Small tire repair over the holidays. They were very busy but had me come over. They got me in, repaired my tire and sent me on my way. They didn't have to go the extra mile, but they did. I appreciate the extra effort! Well done.
AJ, the manager and his technicians did a super job on my entire exhaust replacement. I was somewhat disappointed initially because of a gasket issue.I had to return my car for gasket replacements and then the problem was fixed exactly and even better than new.I'm extremely satisfied with the work completed.I highly recommend this business and the entire staff.Well done fellas.
As a single mom, I have a hard time trusting people with fixing my vehicle. I spoke with Brandon on the phone and he made me feel very at ease, and explained their process. Not only was their price better than other companies, but the fact that they offered to put paint inside of your lines to figure out where the cracks are so that they can repair them in the future is amazing. The guys were very respectful to me, they answered every question I had. I drove my van and it drove like a brand new vehicle despite being over 12 years old. Thank you to the guys that car X! You made a single mom feel safe and happy! I appreciate you!
Fantastic service. Brandon was very helpful! Highly recommend.
Brandon and AJ are great to work with at the counter! I had a rear bearing go bad on my car. I scheduled an 8am appointment to take a look at it. They test drove it and confirmed the issue. Then, made a plan to fix the same day. Left the store at 8:45AM and got a call that my car was ready by noon. The noise was gone and my car was back and happy to be on the road again.I was able to work with them on a fair price within my budget. I recommend doing research on current CAR-X coupons as there's usually a discount or special being run.Thanks to the team here getting my car back on the road. I'm considering making this location my regular spot for all my car-care needs.
Great service! Much better than the midas next door!
I will say that I did not actually get a lot of work done at this location, but the men working there were incredibly friendly. I was visiting from out of town when I started having problems with my tires. I called a bunch of places to try to get service, as I was about to leave town when my issue occurred, and they said they would try to work my car in, so to drop it off. When I got there, I explained I had low tire pressure warnings and that I had used fix a flat, but my tire pressure still was not reading correctly. The gentleman explained that the fix a flat can gunk up the valve where you put air in (which is why my readings were weird), pulled out his gage, and said they were reading okay for him. He checked all my tires, filled them appropriately, and told me I would be okay to get home (a huge relief because another night at a hotel was an unexpected expense). Thank you so much for your honesty and kindness, I was truly impressed.
Showed up for an appointment, told them I was in a bit of a rush, and they got my oil change and tire rotation done within 40 mins. Very happy with the service, and they were very friendly people. This is most likely going to become my new place for oil changes and rotations! Highly recommend.
Best car place in Cincinnati! After moving here for college, these guys, especially Derek, have always been able to get me in and resolve my car issues while being time and cost efficient. Derek has really helped me out when I needed it so I definitely recommend Car-X.
I met Derek Davis, the general manager. He is FANTASTIC. He is a consumate professional. No sales job, just honest discussions and advice. I have been coming to this location for years. He is far and away the best manager this store has ever had. If you haven't been to this location in a while, you should. You will be glad you did.
Derek and his crew did a bang up job of taking care of an exhaust issue. He scrambled around trying to find a part, found it at the dealer and would have cost me well over 2K to install. In the meantime they took care of my rear brakes, and let me know that my front brakes were good for another year. While all this was going on, the master tech arrived at work, looked over my exhaust issue, and said he could weld it. Derek quoted me a price that was reasonable, and I picked up my car after the work was completed. Very happy with the service and Derek's professionalism. Saved me hundreds of dollars! Kudos to his master tech as well for taking care of that!
Got my oil changed very quickly. Well done, thanks Derek.
Made appointment to bring my car in today Monday at 10 a.m. I arrived and was promptly greeted; it turned out to be Ronnie, the young man who had made the appointment for me on Saturday. He took great care of both myself and my car and is a very thorough professional. Because of the way I was treated and the way he does things, I will definitely be returning to CarX and highly recommend that should you have a chance to go there, be sure you ask for Ronnie, he is a credit to the company!
First time customer. My mechanic went out of business, so I was looking for a new one. My daughter has been going here for a few years and she is very happy with the service. I gave them a try, now I am a satisfied customer. I dealt with Phil and Rodney (I think that is his name), very nice, friendly and they did exactly what I wanted at a fair price. Give em a try!!!
Work completed in a timely manner. Only complaint is that when wheels put back on the car, lug nuts were torqued with an air gun way above any manufacturer suggested torque setting. I could not break them loose by standing and bouncing on a wrench. That's minimum 250lbs of applied torque and the lug nuts didn't budge. Way, way too tight. Good thing I have an impact gun to correct their work and torque to a proper setting. The average person would not be able to break the lug nuts free in an emergency.