Should I Have My Car Inspected? 6 Great Reasons To Do It

Vehicle InspectionModern cars are extremely complex machines, with many systems and components working together to make your vehicle operate at top performance. As cars age and accumulate miles, it is very important they be regularly inspected to ensure safety and proper operation. In fact, 15 states in the U.S. legally require that cars be inspected to be permitted on roads and highways.

So, should you have your car inspected? The answer is certainly, yes! Let’s take a look at 6 critical systems on your vehicle that should be inspected at regular intervals.


The brake system is one of the most critical safety components on your vehicle. Every car owner’s brake system will require maintenance at some point, as regular driving will begin to wear brake pads, shoes, and sometimes rotors, drums, or calipers.

Visit a qualified auto repair facility to ensure that your brakes are working as they should. The shop will do a visual inspection of the brake system and a test drive to determine if the brakes are performing as they were designed to do.

Steering Components

Your car’s steering system is made up of numerous components, working together so the vehicle can safety turn and travel down the road. When parts such as tie rods, idler arms, pitman arms. drag links, or other components become worn or damaged, your car will not steer as well as it should.

Not only can worn steering parts affect vehicle safety, but cause premature tire wear.

An inspection by a reputable repair shop can identify any potential issues with your car’s steering system.


Has the check engine light on your car’s dashboard suddenly come on? This could be an indication that your vehicle needs attention. Repair shops today have software-based diagnostic tools that can determine why the check engine light is on.

In addition, as cars age, gaskets can leak, causing fluid loss from the oil pan, transmission, or cooling system.

If you notice motor oil or other fluids on the ground where you park your car, bring it to a repair shop for an evaluation. An inspection can quickly determine where leaking fluids are coming from, so the shop can offer a solution to repair the problem.

Fuel System

For nearly all cars today, gone are the days of simple carburetors and fuel delivery systems. Modern fuel systems are extremely complex, and if not working properly, can affect both driving performance and safety.

In addition, like any other component of your car, fuel systems can get dirty over time. An experienced repair facility can inspect it to ensure the system is performing properly.


Your car has a number of filters that help it operate at top performance. When air or cabin filters become dirty, they can affect both performance and comfort as you drive. If you have not had your car’s filters changed or inspected for some time, have a repair shop look at them as soon as possible.


When it comes to the old expression “where the rubber hits the road”, your car’s tires are what connect it to the streets you drive on. Over time, tires experience tread wear or can be damaged by potholes.

Be sure to have a qualified repair shop inspect your tires to ensure they are inflated properly, have a safe amount of tread left, and are in good condition.

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