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Oil changes are an important part of a regular vehicle maintenance program. Engine oil keeps mechanical components lubricated to prevent wear and heat build up due to friction. Regular oil changes ensure that your vehicle has a constant supply of clean and fresh oil.


Symptoms one might experience if their automobile needs a oil change

  • The maintenance reminder light may be on

  • May have engine noise if oil is low

  • Mileage may indicate need of oil change, either sticker or vehicle



Common services one might need if their vehicle is in need of this service

  • Oil removed and replaced

  • Filter changed

  • Suspension points greased

  • Fluids, air in tires and safety items checked


Oil3Preventative maintenance tasks one should consider

  • Changed at proper interval

  • Correct weight and type of oil for vehicle, such as Dexos for GM vehicle

  • Correct filter

  • Use semi or full synthetic oil such as in a BMW

Content for informational purposes only.   Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for safety & repair concerns. 

Please seek assistance of a professional mechanic for vehicle repairs & maintenance.