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Springs & Suspension

- icon-suspension.fwThere are four major spring designs in use today: coil, leaf, torsion bar, and air. The springs support the entire weight of the vehicle, absorb road shock and maintain proper ride height. If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, stop in, call or schedule an appointment online today to see your Car-X Man!


  • The vehicle may sit uneven or lower than normal
  • Broken or weak springs can cause increased wear on suspension parts
  • Tires may wear faster than normal
  • The vehicle may pull to the left or right


  • Spring replacement
  • Shock and/or strut replacement
  • Tire rotation and/or replacement
  • Some springs have rubber mounting bushings that may need to be replaced
  • Regular suspension and spring inspections by a qualified technician
  • Checking ride height during alignment by a qualified technician
  • Maintain proper air pressure which then helps to maintain proper ride height


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