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Shock Absorbers & Struts

- icon-suspension.fwShocks and/or struts control spring oscillations. A spring that is not properly controlled can cause a rough and unstable ride. If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, stop in, call or schedule an appointment online today to see your Car-X Man!

  • The vehicle may bounce excessively after going over a bump
  • The tires may be worn showing signs of cupping, or scalloping which occurs when tires don’t track straight on the pavement.
  • The suspension system may be worn
  • The shocks/struts may require replacement
  • Struts may need the upper bearing and/or mount replaced
  • Tires may need to be rotated or replaced
  • The springs and ride height should be checked
  • The shocks and struts should be inspected at regular intervals
  • The springs, suspension, and ride heights should be inspected at the same time

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