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Off-Road Lift Kits

- icon-suspension.fwSuspension is the key to off-road vehicles. And if you want extra performance out of your suspension, a lift kit is often the way to go.

Your Car-X Man is an expert when it comes to lift kits.

Our expert technicians will install lift kits for all makes and models of four-wheel drive trucks and SUVs.

A lift kit is a vehicle modification that lifts either the body or the suspension to give the vehicle a high profile appearance and increases performance and ground clearance.

In the case of a body lift, a lift is installed that only lifts the body from the frame. Body lifts most commonly raise the body or the vehicle one, two or three inches.

A suspension lift raises the suspension of the vehicle by replacing front and rear leaf springs and shocks. They increase the distance between the vehicle’s axle and the ground. Suspension lifts are most commonly 4 or 6 inches, but can go as high as 18 inches. However, extreme lifts can severely compromise the handling of your truck or SUV.

At Car-X, our trained technicians will professionally install lift kits on both new and older trucks and SUVs. For over thirty years Car-X has been servicing suspension systems and off-road equipment for all makes and models of four-wheel drive vehicles.

Off-road enthusiasts want to maintain the factory ride of their four-wheel drive truck or SUV, but still want some lift either for performance or looks. Lift kits push ground clearance and aggressive looks to new heights. They allow for the wheel wells to ride higher and for taller tires to be installed.

Stop into Car-X today or simply make an appointment online. Our top-of-the-line technicians can install quality suspension lift components and accessories in no time, sending you back on the road and riding high.

For expert suspension service…”Don’t Worry. . .Call the Car-X Man!”

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