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Custom Exhaust Systems

- icon-muffler.fw (2)Your standard exhaust system is designed to vent the burnt gases from your engine, while reducing noise as well as harmful emissions. But there are a lot of folks out there who are not satisfied with merely the stock exhaust their vehicle came with and opt for custom exhaust systems.

Your Car-X Man is a custom exhaust expert. With over thirty years of experience with exhaust systems for vehicles, both foreign and domestic, our trained technicians can help transform your ordinary car, van, SUV or light truck into a mean street machine.

Whether you’re looking to install a Header-back, Turbo-back or Cat-back exhaust system, Car-X is your place to turn to. Our expert mechanics can custom bend exhaust pipes to fit any make or model of vehicle, installing custom mufflers, resonators, pipes and other exhaust components.

Another extremely popular aftermarket performance enhancement, the Cat-back exhaust uses a larger diameter pipe than the stock system. A wide 4” exhaust allows heat to dissipate at a higher speed, thus increasing fuel economy and run ability.

Many auto aficionados opt for chrome tips, turbochargers to increase power, as well as, custom mufflers to reduce noise. Resonators can even further quiet your engine’s noise.

Your Car-X Man can help you decide which custom exhaust options are right for you to improve your auto’s power and sound. Just call your local Car-X to make an appointment, schedule an appointment online, or fire up that engine and stop in today. There’s always one of our certified technicians on duty at one of our exhaust shops to help you.

For expert performance exhaust service…”Don’t Worry. . .Call Your Car-X Man!”

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