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ABS Repair

Anti-lock Brake System Repair

- icon-brakes-abs.fwProper brake maintenance is always important, but it’s especially so with anti-lock brakes. Skimping on maintenance with ABS can lead to even more extensive and expensive problems than with ordinary brakes. Make sure your ABS system is ABSolutely perfect.

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Here’s how ABS brakes work.

With ordinary brakes, if conditions were bad and you had to “slam” on the pedal, the brakes would often lock up and cause you to skid. It’s why experts would tell you to “pump” your brakes in those situations.

That’s what anti-lock brakes do. They provide that pumping action, although they do it much faster than a human ever could, as fast as ten times per second. Plus, sensors can detect which wheel is most likely to lock up and direct most of the action there.

ABS brakes can stop skidding, avoid accidents and save lives.

That’s why your Car-X Man is an ABS brake expert. Car-X technicians are trained, tested and top of the line in all aspect of maintaining, servicing and repairing anti-lock brakes. There’s more to ABS maintenance than just replacing shoes and pads, although these parts are very important.

Maintaining the hydraulic side of your brakes can help you avoid expensive problems later on. You should have a flush and fill performed on your ABS system every 24,000 miles or two years. This will keep your brake fluid fresh and prevent your ABS modulator from getting dirty or moisture contaminated.


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