Texting while Driving – What you can do to Help

We continue to see staggering statistics about texting while driving. A new study conducted by Consumer Reports found eight in ten young drivers admit to talking or texting on their phone while driving. Furthermore, 5,000 people die each year from distracted driving in the United States alone. Studies show texting while driving can impair a driver similarly to being legally intoxicated.

The Consumer Reports study found that forty-eight percent of the young drivers surveyed said they had seen a parent talking on a cell phone while driving and 15 percent said they had seen a parent texting on a cell phone while driving within the last month.

The survey also found that parental and peer pressure can have a genuine influence on such behavior, such as peer passengers asking the driver to delay using a cell phone until they’re done driving. The takeaway from this study is that parents have a greater role than they realize in setting an example for their children’s driving behavior. Additionally, we can all do our part as a passenger to politely ask the driver to hold off on texting or calling while behind the wheel.

At Car-X we recognize the serious danger that comes from texting while driving, which is why Car-X of Champaign teamed up with No Text Illinois. The new program is meant to get all Illinois drivers to pledge never to text while driving. Help us put the brakes on texting and driving. Take the pledge here.