3460 S Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO 63109
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    • 07:30 AM - 06:00 PM
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    • 07:30 AM - 06:00 PM
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3460 S Kingshighway
St. Louis, MO 63109
Store Hours
  • Monday:
    • 07:30 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Tuesday:
    • 07:30 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Wednesday:
    • 07:30 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Thursday:
    • 07:30 AM - 06:00 PM
  • Friday:
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Welcome to Car-X Tire & Auto, 3460 S Kingshighway St. Louis, MO, your one stop for oil changes, brakes, tires and all your auto repair needs.

We are here to serve all of your auto care needs.

Our fully qualified, trained and certified technicians are ready, willing, and able to properly diagnosis the condition of your car or truck and provide the appropriate service, repair, or advice. Come in for a free inspection and allow us to earn your trust.

Lee Hubbard, Manager


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Kimberly Patterson
22:49 27 Jun 19
After being told across the street that it would be a two- three hour wait to get an inspection, I drove over to Car-X. They were kind, professional, and fast! I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. I will definitely go back for all of my car needs!read more
Dave Greiner
13:01 17 Jun 19
I was able to make an appointment online for an Inspection. They confirmed my appointment via email. Upon arrival, I was greeted and they honored my appointment time. I was able to get my car inspected within a half hour and head on my way. I was thanked for coming in. They are very courteous and give you details of repairs before doing anything!read more
Terri Henderson
16:57 10 Jun 19
Before driving back to the Chicago area, our vehicle starting making a loud screeching noise. They took us right away when I called at 1:30pm on a Saturday, and by 4:30pm we were on the road home with the issue fixed and at a reasonable price. Couldn't thank them enough!read more
Daniela Allen
22:29 05 Jun 19
I went in this car-x in a hurry to get an inspection and the service was great! Lee got me in and out in a hurry because he knew I had somewhere to be! Highly recommend this locationread more
Michael Sirosky
18:34 25 May 19
Edited: The manager, Lee, contacted me and remedied the situation. Really appreciate him fixing the issue. They got me in for a same day safety inspection and emissions test which I really appreciate, but the mechanic got grease/oil all over the upholstery and drivers side door of my car. What the heck.read more
Erin Finneran
20:01 11 May 19
Lee and crew always give us the most professional service. We depend on CarX for both maintenance and repairs. And we trust their service is well done and cost effective. Just today, for example, they repaired our punctured tire for $25 when NTB tried to tell us it was not reparable and needed a $250 replacement tire!read more
Patricia Vargas
19:49 24 Apr 19
My car stopped on me and I was pretty stressed out about the situation. As soon as I called in, Leo helped me out and was very nice throughout the entire process from getting a quote to getting my car fixed. Thanks so much, you guys rock!read more
George Potsos
14:23 16 Apr 19
So The Toyota dealer recommended doing a brake job on my car. I made and appointment,brought my car in here they checked everything and I found out I still had 50% on my brakes. They walked me around the car so I could see it unlike the dealer, where I just had to take there word for it. This place was honest! I then asked for a tire rotation since they had the wheels off already, no charge! I’ll def be giving these guys my business in the future.read more
Taryn Pelch
02:00 04 Jan 19
This place is wonderful. A few weeks ago, they stayed late to replace my alternator and made sure it was working properly. Today, they ran a full diagnostic and did a tune-up. This helped so much! They are honest and go the extra mile to be kind and helpful. I recommend this place to everyone. As a bonus, there are always great people in the waiting area to visit with!read more
Miquel Pendelton
18:15 01 Nov 18
Awesome service! I love the staff and there honesty. Always will be my go to
Alexandria Mazzola
13:44 20 Oct 18
Lee is wonderful and the whole staff is very friendly. They take you back to your car and show you what’s going on. They don’t put pressure on you, just give you your options. Lee’s customer service is top notch!read more
Angie Powers
07:10 05 Oct 18
Great shop with convience! I was able to get the services I need in a timely manner. The lovely shop gal with the pretty curly hair was so friendly and patient with all of my questions. Thanks so much!read more
NeGail Hailey
19:48 02 Aug 18
My daughter (who is a college student) bought her very first car (Mercedes Benz) from a private owner who failed to inform us that the tire rods were bad! Because it is already an expensive vehicle to upkeep, I almost threw up in my mouth when I was told the price to have it fixed. I really felt taken advantage of and my whole "persona" just disappeared due to the sellers dishonesty. Barry AND Danielle made the day so much better by displaying such exemplary customer service and thanks to my daughter's grandma, we were able to get the car fixed and it was done by the time she got off of work. I now feel comfortable with her driving the car back to school in Cape Girardeau without too much worry. Thanks again Barry & Danielle and we will definately return should we need your services again.read more
14:39 23 Jul 18
So helpful! I’ve been coming to them for a couple years, for oil changes primarily. I was there a couple weeks ago for an oil change, and today I came with an issue that was easily fixed and they didn’t even charge. AND said they would get back in touch regarding a part I needed after they do some research for me. A part I could install myself so they will likely make no money off of. They clearly go above and beyond. When you get service like this, it builds your trust in them in knowing they aren’t just after money but are trying to do what’s right and take care of their customers. Lee and Dan are both awesome 🙂read more
Travis Hill
18:50 14 Jul 18
Lee, is off the chain. He showed me the problem. He made it that I even knew what was going on. Excellent customer service skills. He also makes a great pot of coffee. I will be back!read more
Kevin Wine
22:24 11 Jun 18
Good service at a pretty good price. They do a very good, comprehensive check of your vehicle whenever you stop by. (Of course, they are hoping to find something they can work on!) Friendly, courteous, and prompt.read more
Rhonda Winterhalter
02:24 19 May 18
Excellent facility that doesn't stop till the job is done correctly. Lee and the team go the extra mile even on the busiest of days! I left my dealership service department when the purchased plan was expired due to the turn n burn process I saw in action over those years. CarX and this location is the place to go. Oil change plan helps beat those low cost offers with fantastic and reputable service.read more
Maire Murphy
03:43 04 Jan 18
Very friendly, very professional, quick and reasonably priced. I’d go again! (I had my tire repaired)
Kelly Tsaltas
23:12 07 Dec 17
I got my tire patched here a few months back. The price was right, and the service was quick and friendly. I can't say enough good things! I can't remember the name of the gentlemen who helped me at the desk, but he was very respectful and knowledgeable. He said the patch should last until I need the tires replaced, and so far, so good!read more
Tuesday Fierce
19:28 14 Oct 17
Manager Lee Hubbard & his mechanic D. Heger did the job right where Dobbs had failed me big time! I now love driving my car once again. I told them what was going on & they knew exactly how to fix the issues. Car X South Kingshighway just gained a very grateful customer. Thanks again guys! 🙂read more
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Our Work is Guaranteed

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