Muddy but Fun – the CarX Crazy K

How to describe the fun CarX Crazy K race yesterday? Yes, it was fun. Yes, it was a bit challenging. Yes, I fell during the obstacles. Yes, I fell into a big hole of muddy water. Yes, it was hot, hot, hot.

Did I mention it was crazy? I remember thinking exactly that as I ran through the course and its obstacles.

The race proceeds go to local charities, and it’s an event sure to be repeated in future years.

The details – a 5K course that wound through the county fairgrounds – mainly through grassy fields, across creeks, up and down hilly terrain, with the last half mile on the grandstand’s track. The obstacles (and my experience):

  1. Sprinkler alley – refreshing until I almost lost a contact lens while being sprayed directly the face
  2. Plank Walk – walk across logs over a big pit of water. I chose the skinniest log and almost fell off.
  3. CarX Wall – A 4 foot high wall. I strained my left leg going over this thing.
  4. Tirade – a sea of tires. I planned to run these, but I didn’t step carefully into the first tire and fell down. Scott said he would have burst out laughing if he wasn’t “so focused” on the race.
  5. Hurdles – 10 – 2 foot high hurdles. After my tire episode, I knew I had to walk over these. It was a good time to drink some water.
  6. Tunnels – crawl through 3 foot high tunnels. I have a scraped back because I refused to crawl through on my hands and knees.
  7. Muddy Hill Climb – at mile 2.6, this was slippery and steep. I almost fell several times. Caked with mud, my shoes were now 5 pounds heavier.
  8. Hay Maker – Climb over large hay bales. I am way short for this sort of obstacle, but managed to get over it.
  9. Slip-N-Slide Car Wash – This was the most fun – a slip and slide covered with foam. Sure, you landed in a big puddle on the bottom, but it was fun.
  10. Muddy Crawl – The last obstacle – a watery, muddy pit, about 2 feet deep. I slipped at the edge and fell in. I sloshed through and up over the muddy bank and ran to the finish line, shoes full of rocks, water and mud.

Our team – the couples we visited Vegas with last November (proving we are a motley crew) and another couple, Dave and Anne. I’m waiting on a copy of the group picture a non-running friend took, but here are several of our team walking towards the starting gate:
Heading Into the Arena

Scott finishing the race:
Scott Finishes

Amy and Anne coming out of the Muddy Pit:
Spray Off the Mud

Jeff and Lisa, so cute as they end the race holding hands:
Finishing Hand in Hand

And the ladies from our team – proving we are a strong group to complete the race:

The Ladies Rock

Oh yeah, I wore a costume – an old cave girl costume I’ve had since college. I’ve put it out for sale at the garage sale for the past 5 years. I guess it’s never sold because I was destined to wear it again. Maybe this is a new tradition for me – run the future Crazy 5K wearing the same outfit…..

Reprinted with permission from guest blogger Shirley LeMay

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