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The automotive aftermarket is growing by leaps and bounds. Sticker prices on new vehicles keep going up and consequently, vehicles remain on the road longer and consumers are spending more money to maintain them over a greater number of years. According to the American Market Research Council (AMRC), the average age of domestic vehicles on the road today is at an all time high. More and More households have multiple vehicles. And the variety is growing – full size, subcompacts, minivans, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles. It all makes for a tremendous opportunity in automotive repair.

While gas stations have evolved into convenience stores and repair costs at dealerships soar, conveniently located Car-X Auto Service centers are getting an increased share of the business. While we’re not the biggest, Car-X has been consistently ranked by Entrepreneur, Success, and Income Opportunities magazines as “One of the Best Automotive Service Franchises in the United States”.

In 1971, the first Car-X Muffler shop opened in Hammond, Indiana. To keep up with the changing times, we’ve changed, too – from a muffler shop to an… auto service center. Our service line-up currently includes exhaust, brakes, shocks, struts, springs, C.V. joints, alignment, front-end, air conditioning, lube/oil/filter, batteries, starting and charging, flush and fill, tires, and more. Car-X Auto Service franchisees are doing more business than ever before and today there is an opportunity for additional new stores in many markets throughout the United States. Are you right for Car-X? Is Car-X the right opportunity for you? The following information may help you decide.


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