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The battery starts your car, maintains constant voltage, and runs every electronic device in the vehicle. The battery must be able to work in all weather conditions, both hot and cold extremes.



    Symptoms one might experience if their automobile needs a battery

    • The vehicle may be hard to start or turn over slowly

    • Battery or charging system warning light may be on

    • A low battery may cause some accessories to not work

    • When driving at night the lights may be dim



    Common services one might need if their vehicle is in need of this service

    • The battery may be replaced after it has been tested

    • The starting and charging system should be tested

    • The battery ends may need cleaned and serviced

    • The belts should be checked and replaced as needed


    battery3Preventative maintenance tasks one should consider

    • The correct battery for the application

    • Cables cleaned and tightened correctly

    • Charging system must be checked or the battery may fail again

    • Ensure the vehicle’s PCM is commanding the alternator to charge


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