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Oil Change – Protect the life of your car


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Engine oil keeps mechanical components lubricated to prevent wear and heat build up due to friction.

At Car-X, you can count on your oil change being done right and completed quickly by a certified technician. Each oil change comes with a thorough inspection ensuring your vehicle is safe and reliable. Need to check “Oil Change” off your To-Do list?

You can quickly setup an appointment online, no matter what time it is… or give us a call.

  • The maintenance reminder light may be on
  • May have engine noise if oil is low
  • Sticker or vehicle mileage may indicate need of oil change
  • Oil removed and replaced
  • Filter changed
  • Suspension points greased
  • Fluids, air in tires and safety items checked
  • Changed at proper interval
  • Correct weight and type of vehicle, such as Dexos for GM vehicle
  • Correct filter
  • Use semi or full synthetic oil such as BMW

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