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Brakes for your vehicle

- icon-brakes.fw (2)At Car-X our certified technicians use top quality parts and offer best in business assurances that our workmanship and parts are second to none. If you need brakes you can quickly setup an appointment below 24/7. You rely on your brakes to help you stop safely and securely, whenever and wherever you need to.

  • The brakes may pull when applying the brake pedal
  • The wheels may be coated with brake dust
  • The brakes may make a grinding sound
  • You may feel a pulsation in the brake pedal
  • The brake pads and shoes may be replaced
  • The rotors and drums may need resurfaced and or replaced depending on condition
  • The hydraulics may need to be serviced such as calipers, hoses, and wheel cylinders
  • The brake system may need to be bled to remove air
  • The ABS system may also need to be worked on during brake service
  • Have an expert work on your brakes, this is a safety system
  • Correct brake pads for the application, severe duty vehicles take different parts
  • All parts of the system inspected not just the pads and shoes
  • If the system has been opened ensure all of the air has been removed
  • Clear any lights or codes from the electronics

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